Home Appliances, Electronics
This Include Electronics and Home
Standard Promo
(For 30 days)
Bronze Promo
Tshs 30,000
(For 30 days)
Diamond Promo
Tshs 50,000
(For 30 days)


After Search Banner
Banner will be shown just below search bar
Tshs 60,000/=
Per Month
In Between Banner
Banner will be display at the home page between Premium Ads and Popular Categories
Tshs 50,000/=
Per Month
Floating Banner
Banner will be floating at the bottom of the page in all pages
Tshs 80,000/=
Per Month
Side banner
Banner at a side of the search section
Tshs 30,000/=
Per Month


Weekly Newslatter Banner
Tshs 100,000/=
Per Newslatter
Showcase your business with Centre banner with link back to ad, business profile or your own website
Mail shot
Tshs 150,000/=
Per Newslatter
Showcase your business with: Announce a new product, service, event or promotion in your own styled mailshot to be send to over 100,000 subscribers